Danube Clisura is considered the most spectacular of the Danube route up to Danube Delta.
It stretches from the Danube entry into Romania in Bazias, Caras-Severin County, to Orsova, Mehedinti County.
Of course, for the fishing, here is the place!

Sightseeing in the area are included in Iron Gates National Park. We remember the most important:
Boat trips on the Danube
Face of Decebal
Monastery Mraconia
Ponicova cave
Large and Small Danube Boilers
The entrance of Danube in the country and monastery Bazias
Baba Caia, rock that comes from the Danube, in Coronini
The ruines of two cities on each part of the Danube, built during Maria Theresa domnation




134 Dunarii Street,
Moldova Veche Village, Moldova Noua,
Caras-Severin County, Romania